Guy C. Irvine

(Adapted from Jim KelIer’s Some Special People of Warren County)

               Guy C. Irvine is a classic American success story. Coming to Warren as a young man, Irvine eventually became known as “the Napoleon of the lumber business.”

               Born in 1792, Irvine came to Warren County around 1815 and quickly became part of the lumber business in the county. He purchased a sawmill in 1817 at the age of 25, and by 1826 his numerous mills were cutting three million feet of pine lumber every year. He had a gristmill and sawmill at Irvine Mills on the Conewango, and he had a four mile railroad that supplied timber to the sawmill.

               In the early 1830s, Guy Irvine built a house for his family in Pine Grove Township. The house still stands today, and is known as “The Locusts,” for the trees which stand in front of it.


Courtesy of the Warren County Historical Society