Lumber Vocabulary Terms

BARK AX- a tool to cut rings and split the bark before the bark spud is used to remove the bark

BARK SPUD- a chisel-like tool used for removing bark from a tree trunk

DRAWKNIFE- a tool used to taper the sides of shingles

FROW- a tool used to split a block of wood into shingles. Shingles were later cut by machine

LOG- a tree or a large part of a tree which has been cut down

LOGGER- a person who cuts trees

LUMBER- wood which has been sawed or split into planks and boards

PEAVEY- a tool used by lumbermen with a hook and a spike at the end to turn and pry logs

SAWMILL- a place where power-driven machinery is used to saw logs

SHINGLE- a piece of wood used to cover roofs. One end is thicker than the other in order to overlap them

SHIP’S MAST- a large central pole of wood (later metal), set up to support the ship’s sails and rigging

 TIMBER- wood, especially wood which may be used for building houses, ships, and furniture


Courtesy of the Warren County Historical Society