Walter Horton

(Adapted from Frank W. Norcross’s History of the New York Swamp)

               Walter Horton, eldest son of Homer Horton was, in his lifetime, the most prominent member of the great tanning family. He was born in 1832 in Callicoon, New York and died in 1891 in Philadelphia. He learned the tanning trade from his father and, along with his brothers, rose to be the head of his profession as a sole leather tanner.

               In 1864, Walter Horton moved to Sheffield, Pennsylvania accompanied by his uncle Webb. They bought a great tract of land. Webb and Walter Horton sold an interest to H.H. Crary, and the firm of Horton, Crary and Co. was formed. They built the Sheffield tannery, bored gas and oil wells and were very successful in their operations. They also had a lumbering business.

               Eventually, Walter Horton became a partner in nine tanneries throughout the Pennsylvania and New York region. Horton also became president of the Tionesta Railway, providing an important transportation network through seventy-five miles of the hemlock region.


Courtesy of the Warren County Historical Society