Historic photographs are wonderful documents.  They show how the land looked, how people dressed, worked, and played, and they help us give a face to history.  Students have the opportunity to look at and discuss historic photographs showing oil, lumbering, and farming scenes.


1. Look at copies of photographs. (Found here.) Students may work in pairs or cooperative groups.

2. Ask or hand-out a series of questions for students to answer when examining photographs.

Possible Questions for Students:

What does this photograph show? Why do you think the photographer chose to take this photograph?

Are there any people in this photograph? if so, who do you think they are? Do they know they are being photographed? How can you tell?

What do you think the weather was like that day? How can you tell?

If there are people in the picture, choose one person that you would like to speak with--who would it be? What would you ask him or her?

Look closely at the way people are dressed. What comparisons can you make with today’s clothing?

If there are no people in the picture, imagine that you are in the picture--what are you doing? How do you feel?

What tools, vehicles, or machines are people using? Do we still use them today?


Courtesy of the Warren County Historical Society