Vocabulary Explosion
The Mailbox Magazine — Dec/Jan 2001-2002

Create a dazzling fireworks display with this star-spangled vocabulary activity! After dividing the class into pairs, give each twosome a marker and a fireworks shape cut from red, white, or blue construction paper. Assign a term listed below to each pair; then have the twosome label the cutout with its word. Next, direct the partners to research the word and write its definition on the back of the cutout. After each pair shares its term, hang the fireworks from your ceiling with string. lf desired, have each student record the terms and meanings in his own word journal. Have students make their journals using these steps:

1. Place eight sheets of white paper between two sheets of construction paper (one red, one blue).

2. Staple the white paper between the covers at the top.

3. Trim the journal to make a fireworks shape.

4. Write each word and its definition in the journal, one word per page. Add an illustration that symbolizes or helps explain the word.

5. Label the journal with an appropriate title and decorate the cover. 




freedom of assembly


Bill of Rights

freedom of religion



freedom of speech


civil rights

national vote






Courtesy of the Warren County Historical Society