Many of the early settlers who came to the United States wanted to worship in their own way.  In the countries that they came from, they often did not have this choice.  It was not surprising, then, that one of the first things they did was to find a place to have church services.  These services were often held at someone's house until the settlers had the time and money to build a church building.

Visit or call one of the older churches in your community to find out how this church got started.  You may find that the building this church is using now is not the one they have always used.  Find the answers to the questions below to see how churches fit into the history of your community.

1.  What is the name of the church?

2.  Where is it located?

3.  How old is it?

4.  Where did the founding members of this church first meet?

5.  How many members were there when the church began?

6.  How many members are there today?

7.  List at least three ways that church services in the early days of this church differ from those held today.

8.  If possible, make a copy of a picture of any other buildings this church may have once used.  Write a caption for this photocopy that tells what church it once was and what happened to it.  Use the photocopy in a bulletin board display.


Courtesy of the Warren County Historical Society