Getting the Mail Through

More than two hundred years ago, Benjamin Franklin became the first American postmaster general.  He played an important part in getting the postal service started in the country.  At first, this service was available only in certain parts of the country, especially around large cities.  It was almost one hundred years later that the Pony Express began to carry letters to people living in the far West.

As roads improved, it became easier to bring mail to people's houses.  In the 1860s, free home delivery of mail began for people living in cities and towns.  In 1896, free delivery was begun for people living out in the country.

Visit your local post office or ask someone from the post office to help you answer the questions that follow.

  1. When was our community's first post office established? ____________________

  2. Where was it located? _______________________________________________

  3. Why do you suppose people were glad to have mail service provided in their community? ______________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________

  4. How long has your post office been in its present location? __________________

  5. About how many pieces of mail does your post office handle in a day? _________________________________________________________________

  6. How do zip codes help people who work at the post office? _________________ _________________________________________________________________

  7. What is your zip code? _________________________


Courtesy of the Warren County Historical Society