School Days


Soon after families settled in an area, they began to think of building schools for their children.  Even if they lived far away from the big cities, they wanted their children to know how to read and write.  Sometimes the first classes were held in homes and taught by anyone who was willing.  But as soon as there were enough students and enough money, people usually set about building a school and hiring a teacher.


Learn about the early schools in your community by finding the answers to the questions below.


  1. Where was the first school in your community built? ______________________ __________________________________________________________________

  2. What was its name? _________________________________________________

  3. Which one of the schools still used as a school in your community today is the oldest? __________________________________________________________________

  4. When was it built? ______________  How old is it? _______________________

  5. What grades went to school there when it was first built? ___________________

  6. What grades go there now? ___________________________________________

  7. When was your school built? ______________ How old is it? _______________


Courtesy of the Warren County Historical Society