Reading an 1878 Map of Warren Borough

Everyone needs to learn to read maps because maps can tell you where you are, where you want to go, what is there, and what used to be there.

Direction: Attempt to answer the questions below by reading this 1878 map of part of Warren.

1. Almost all maps tell you which direction you are looking. Many of them use an arrow to indicate north and south. The north is at the point of the arrow. Using the arrow, mark north, south, east, and west on your map.

2. Fourth Avenue in Warren used to be called something else. What was it called?


How can you tell?


3. Color in the Old Mill which appears on the right side of the Conewango Creek on the map.

4. Lot numbers are indicated by the numbers on this map. There is an entire block of lots with no buildings on them. Draw a cross through this block of lots.

5. Color in the Warren County Court House.

6. Color the building which is now the Warren County Historical Society.

7. The Dunkirk Allegheny Valley and Pittsburgh Railroad Line starts on High Street and turns onto East Street. While turning, it runs through several lots. Name the lot numbers that the D.A.V. & P. Railroad Line runs through.


8. The upper left-hand part of the map is largely empty. Why do you think there is very little drawn in there?



Courtesy of the Warren County Historical Society