In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, there were many schools in Warren County. Transportation was much more difficult, and most students had to be able to walk to their schools. As a result, there were many more schools than there are today. However, grade schools in the county were usually smaller than today’s schools, and teachers might have to teach children of all grades in one classroom. In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, there was a greater emphasis on memorization and recitation in classes than there is today.



1. Have students examine the Reward of Merit and souvenir cards.

Have any of the students ever received rewards from teachers (for example stickers or stars)?

What do you think you would have had to do to receive a Reward of Merit card in the past?

What is a souvenir? Why do we make and keep souvenirs?

2. Have students design their own Reward of Merit cards or copy these cards and give them to students who deserve “merit.”



School yearbooks have been a part of the school experience in Warren County since the early twentieth century. A yearbook is a type of souvenir which helped people to remember their experiences together as they left their friends and their school experiences behind.

1. Examine with your students an old yearbook from a Warren County high school. Ask students to create a class yearbook similar to this yearbook. A class yearbook might include:

Student & Teacher Photographs

Student & Teacher Baby Pictures


Club/ Sports Involvement

Appropriate Quotes

A Humorous Class History

Class Superlatives (for example: Best Dressed)

Class Poem

Class Jokes

Advertisements from Local Businesses



Courtesy of the Warren County Historical Society