Columbus Township

History of Warren County Pennsylvania                    Schenck 1887

               Columbus Township was organized as a separate township in 1825. The township is said to have received its name in the following manner; David Curtiss, from Sherbume, NY, and Kinball Webber, from Columbus, NY, both wanted to name the town from their former places of residence, and after much hot debate, it was agreed that the person who should furnish the most whiskey at election day should have the privilege of naming the new township. Webber offered five gallons and named the township.

               The earliest settlement of Columbus was not well documented. The Holland Land Company owned the land before settlers came and built their rough shelters. Many left around 1805 because of failed crops, weather, etc.  The community was so isolated it was difficult to survive. Several years later, more permanent settlers arrived. The height of prosperity of Columbus was during the greatest period of activity of the lumber traffic and manufacture between 1850 and 1861. The oil business and the junction of railroads then helped to enlarge Corry at the expense of Columbus. Columbus had the usual stores, mills, tanneries, and one of the first insurance companies in the country, called The Equitable Aid Union of America.


Courtesy of the Warren County Historical Society