Pleasant Township

History of Warren County Pennsylvania                    Schenck 1887

               The township was formed in 1834, and undoubtedly derived its name from its beauty of situation and prospect. The petitioners who caused its formation wanted it to be named “Mount Pleasant,” but the court subtracted the first word from the title. The landscape is everywhere lovely, especially opposite Warren.

               John Mead is considered to be the first settler, but Nathaniel Sill Sr. did much to promote the area. He engaged in the business of forwarding merchant, and was the senior member of the prominent firm of Sill, Thompson & Co. At one time they owned every vessel on Lake Erie except two small schooners. Many of the settlers of this township were Alsatian German. Christian Hertzel and Philip Wendling were among the first of these immigrants.

               Pleasant township has been so situated as to need no post-office, the proximity of offices at Warren and Brokenstraw being deemed sufficiently convenient by the inhabitants. The same cause has operated to deter any one from attempting to establish a store of any kind in the township. The only kinds of occupations in the town, therefore, have been those of tanning, in which the Germans were most numerous, and lumbering, which was almost entirely confined to settlers other than the Germans.


Courtesy of the Warren County Historical Society