Kinzua Township

History of Warren County Pennsylvania                    Schenck 1887

               Kinzua Township was on the eastern border of Warren County. The original industry there was identical with that of all the towns in the area, which could find water channels to the great lumber markets of early days. Around the year 1800, a number of energetic and enterprising men procured the right to strip these lands of their timber for the purpose of rafting it south to Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and the other markets on the great rivers that pour into the Gulf of Mexico.

               The first permanent settler in Kinzua was James Morrison, who settled on Morrison’s Island in 1801. As late as 1850, the town was without a business center of any sort. With the coming of the railroad, Kinzua's population increased, because the products of the town could now be marketed.

               The fate of the township was sealed by the building of the Kinzua Dam which flooded the land.


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