Archibald Tanner

Special People of Warren County — House of Printing, 1984, Pg.4
Schenck, History of Warren County

               Archibald Tanner came to Warren from Ohio in 1816. He came by keelboat with a small stock of goods and groceries. He set up a store in the corner of Daniel Jackson’s tavern on the corner of what is now Hickory St. and Pennsylvania Ave. As his business grew, Mr. Tanner built a small store across the street on the river bank. He chose Warren as a new beginning community, and by perseverance and hard work, established himself as the businessman of Warren.

               He was the deputy postmaster of Warren and in 1819-1820 was the county treasurer. He published the first newspaper in the county. Mr. Tanner led in every enterprise that aimed to promote the interest of the town and county of Warren, such as roads, bridges, turnpikes, and boats. In 1830, he helped to bring the first steamboat on the Allegheny River to Warren.

               Later in life, he got into the oil industry and was a partner with L.F. Watson to sink the first flowing oil well.

               Mr. Tanner was also an inventor. He helped erect the First Presbyterian Church in 1832 and was its largest supporter.

               Mr. Tanner was revered for his honesty and integrity, and admired by all. His was an original intellect, with large self sustaining resources, ingenious, inventive, eccentric, with an appreciation for humor and the ridiculous.

               Archibald Tanner died February 15, 1861 at 75 years of age.


Courtesy of the Warren County Historical Society