Dr. William Irvine

The Irvine Story  Nicholas B. Wainwright (The Historical Society of Pennsylvania 1964)

               Dr. William Irvine, General Irvine’s grandson, further developed the area now called Irvine and expanded the house his father had begun, known as the Newbold Mansion before it was demolished. It was said of Dr. Irvine that he was a student of nature and of books. He was a born agriculturist who had inherited his father’s love of animals and an outdoor, rural life. The improvement of Brokenstraw Farm was his passion.

               Dr. Irvine was constantly involved in new business ventures. Many times he had to seek financial backing from friends and family. Dr. Irvine’s absorption in schemes for the public good brought him into local prominence, but the only office of consequence he ever held was that of postmaster at Irvine.


Sarah Duncan Irvine

The Irvine Story Nicholas B. Wainwright (The Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1964)

               Sarah Duncan Irvine was the wife of Dr. William Irvine. She moved to Irvine with her family in 1838. She held Sunday School classes on the side porch of her home. She longed for a church in which to worship and hold Sunday School classes for her children and their workers' children.  Dr. Irvine brought a stonemason to Warren County just to build this church. Sadly, the first service to be held in the church was Sarah’s funeral, after she died giving birth to her third child. She is buried in the family cemetery located behind the church.


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Courtesy of the Warren County Historical Society