George Horton

               When the Hortons came to Sheffield, they were already well established in the leather tanning business. They were a closely united family, and as the years passed, the members engaging in the business became very numerous. Owning a number of tanneries with warehouses and sales outlets in the big eastern cities, they represented one of the largest leather concerns in the country and were recognized leaders in the industry.

               George was the son of Ovid Horton. He married Eunice Barnes, a local girl, and had two sons. His house, built from 1888 to 1889, was patterned after a house Horton saw on a trip to Chicago, Illinois. He hired architect Alfred Smith to copy the mansion. The home became a 35-room showplace that towers over Sheffield. George did not live long to enjoy his new home. He died in 1893, at 45 years of age. His widow and sons Harry and Bryon continued to occupy the house. In 1941, Bryon, the only remaining descendant, passed away, and the house was removed from Horton family ownership.


Courtesy of the Warren County Historical Society