Warren County Seneca Nation of Indians Trunk

1. The Seneca Background: Seneca History Yesterday & Today

2. Biographies: Chief Cornplanter; Handsome Lake

3. Clothing: Background Information; Math Activity- "No Pockets"

4. Foods & Cooking: Iroquois Food & Recipes; Photos- Making Corn Cakes; Activity- "Making a Birch Bowl"

5. Games & Toys: Cornhusk Dolls Information; Lacrosse Information; Snowsnake Information; Other Miscellaneous Games & Toys Information

6. Music, Celebrations & Ceremonies: Ceremonies & Music Background Information; Masks Data; Myths Information; Wampum Belts Data; Instruments Information; Tribal Dances Information

7. Village Life: Seneca Homes Information; Seneca Government Information; Iroquois Men Data; Iroqouis Women Data; Native American Tools & Ornaments

8. Additional Activities: Basket Weaving Activity; Canoe Construction Activity; Language Development Activities; Making an Oral Presentation Activity; Science Activities


Additional Resources included in this trunk can be found at the Warren County Historical Society, including those resources listed here.

210 Fourth Avenue
Warren, PA 16365

(814) 723-1795