NATIVE AMERICANS        IF8835 Instructional Fair, Inc.

“Woodland Indians dressed in clothing made from animal skins. The type of day-to-day clothing worn depended on the outside temperature. In warm temperatures, less clothing was worn. In cool temperatures, clothing was added. Decorated clothing was worn for special occasions.

This quick math activity is a fun way to inform students that long ago Native American clothing had no pockets. Divide students into small groups and ask each group to determine how many pockets are being worn in the group. With the students’ assistance, tally the group totals, and add to this sum the number of pockets you’re wearing. If desired, add to this total any coat and/or sweater pockets that have not been included. Your classroom pocket total should be quite impressive! Ask students how they use pockets and why they do or do not like them. Then reveal that there were no pockets in the clothing worn by Native Americans. Invite students to deduce possible reasons for this and ponder how small items such as food and/or tools were carried. Guide students to conclude that Native Americans carried their items in small pouches that hung from their waists or around their shoulders.”


Courtesy of the Warren County Historical Society