Make a Cornhusk Doll

Cornhusk dolls were toys for Native American and early American children.  Each family had its own method of making dolls.

Today, cornhusk doll making is a craft children can still do.


 Making the Doll:

Dolls can be made in only a few steps.  Here is one of the easier dolls to make.  First, you'll need to remove four husks, the coverings for an ear of corn.  Soak them for at least a half-hour in warm water.  Remove from the water.  Now you're ready to start.

  1. Trim one corn husk to about 5 inches long, roll up and tie on each end.

  2. Put two large cornhusks together and tie them together.

  3. Separate the husks and pull them over the tied end and tie again.  This makes the head of your doll.

  4. Part the husks in the center and slide the rolled cornhusk in between them and as close to the head as you can.

  5. Tie the loose husks below the rolled husks to make the doll's waist and skirt.

  6. Fold the last cornhusk and drape it over the doll's shoulders and tie at the waist to make a shawl.  Trim the bottom of the skirt and shawl and loose strings.


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Courtesy of the Warren County Historical Society