The False-Face Society

The Iroquois tribe of the Easter Woodland Indians is famous for a special group of medicine men.  These chosen few are said to have special healing powers when they put on their false faces, or frightening masks.  Although the Iroquois carve theirs from wood, you can make a false face using the following materials:

12"x18" colored sheet of construction paper, hole punch, pencils, crayons, string, various colors of tissue paper, yarn, construction paper, glue, scissors


  1. Have your teacher enlarge the pattern.  (Found here)   Then cut it out.

  2. Fold the construction paper in half.

  3. Lay the pattern on the folded paper, being careful to place the straight side on the fold.

  4. Trace the face in pencil.

  5. Cut along lines, but not the fold.  Cut out the eye opening.

  6. Hole punch on the side as shown on pattern.

  7. Use tissue paper to decorate mask.  Add details in crayon.


Courtesy of the Warren County Historical Society