Choose a Name for Yourself

Evan-Moor Corp. 1999 

Native American children were given names that represented special qualities, abilities, or personality traits.  A wise, observant child might be named "Shining Owl."  Your students will enjoy naming themselves Native American Names.


Steps to Follow

                  This becomes your Native American name.

  1. Write a cinquain to tell about the name.  The first line of the cinquain will be the name.  Use the abilities list as a word blank.

  2. Students individually list abilities, choose names, and write cinquains.

  3. Mount the writing form on the brown paper.

  4. Tie yarn around one animal cookie.  Add a bead or feather.  Punch a hole in the brown rectangle and tie on this "fetish." (A fetish is a good luck charm.  Native American fetishes were made in the shape of animals and other living things.)

  5. Glue the brown rectangle over the directions for the cinquain.


Courtesy of the Warren County Historical Society