(Adapted and condensed from “Warren and Jamestown Street Railway” by John B. Cable, Evening Times, January 7, 1913)

Come, let us take a little trip, to Jamestown for the day
And try it on upholstered seats, on princely home railway;
Because, between the little burgs, our neighbors and our own
There runs the rolling stock on time, which brings one safely home.

We start up Liberty, one square, and then one square out Third,
And then up Market, out of town, go skimming like a bird;

North Warren greets your anxious eyes, you stop a moment here
And see the hospital so great, with little hope or cheer.

Then on you go to Irvine's place, a homestead odd in ways,
Which speaks of many years ago of Guy C.'s lumber days.

The little switch near Russell pass, and the little town
You reach by quite a sharp descent, just after going down.

Some lovely cottages behold, on Conewango’s banks,
Which make a picture fair, indeed, for which accept my thanks.

And soon we pass the iron bridge, at Akeley near the stop,
And while we cross the waters blue, observe a pickerel “flop.”

Now at the Humphrey House we stop, the journey here is ended.
And twixt the two old neighbor towns the scenes are sweetly blended.
And if you do not know the road, and wish‘ a trip for pleasure,
You'll get a bargain for the price and rounded up, good measure.


Courtesy of the Warren County Historical Society