Airplanes, Automobiles, Streetcars & Trains Vocabulary


Airmail-  The use of the airplanes to transport mail from one location to another


Automobile- A self-propelled vehicle used on a street or road; may use steam, electricity, gasoline, or another fuel for power.  Automobiles that run on gasoline are most common.


Aviation- The practice of piloting an aircraft


Caboose- The last car on a train, often used by the train crew for eating and sleeping; often painted a bright color


Chassis- The under parts of an automobile, including the frame and the wheels


Depot- A railroad station built to shelter passengers as they get on and off the train or for freight as it is waiting to be loaded or unloaded


Fireman- A man on a steam train who works to keep a fire going by shoveling coal or wood into the firebox.  The fire on a steam train must be kept going to create steam and have enough power to run the train


Freight- Any type of material, other than people, that is carried by some form of transportation


Locomotive- An engine designed to run on rails, used to pull cars that carry passengers or freight


Pilot- The person who flies an airplane


Rolling Stock- All wheeled vehicles that run on tracks or rails (including locomotives, streetcars, freight cars, passenger cars, etc...)


Roundhouse- A curved building used to house and repair locomotives


Steam Engine- An engine that is driven by steam; runs trains, boats, and other machines


Streetcar/Trolley- A car running on tracks; usually runs on electricity or is pulled by a horse



Courtesy of the Warren County Historical Society