Advertising Transportation

Businesses do many things in order to attract customers.  In the past, many businesses connected with transportation such as gas stations, harness shops, livery stables, and tire shops, which would give away small, useful items to advertise, gain customers, and encourage them to return.  Interesting pictures, calendars, matchbooks, nail-files, thermometers, maps, fans, and postcards are just some of the items that have been given away to advertise business.  In the following exercise, students create or choose a business associated with transportation and create a give-away.




  1. Have students look at the sample give-away items from Warren businesses. (Found here)
  2. Students may wish to invent their own transportation business and/or research a Warren County business of the past (old city directories are a good source) and create a give-away for it.  Have students think about the following questions:

                  What is the name of your business?

                  What give-away would your customers find useful?

                  Does the give-away tell or show what you are selling?

                  Where is your business located?