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Educational Resources
We offer resources for educators and classrooms on a variety of topics in Warren County's history to help you
reach your goals in Warren County School District's Planned Instruction. 
We preserve the past to help you prepare your students for the future!

Women in Warren County History
Notable Men in Warren County
Warren County Oil Heritage
Warren County Furniture Manufactuers
African Americans in Warren County History
Judges:  the history of the 37th Judicial District

History Trunks are Excellent Education Tools
Each trunk contains historical images, hands-on projects, photographs, project suggestions and reproducible activities and guides.  Trunks should be reserved early, and are due back after two weeks.

Lumber History: 1800's and early 1900's lumber and logging. Also includes information on logging camps, sawmills, lumber rafting, tanning leather, railroads, Allegheny National Forest, and Civilian Conservation Corps.
wear an airplane pilot's helmet with plug-in earphones or a duster worn in a Model-T automobile and view an overhead transparency program showing the transitions in area history.
People & Places
lead students on a visit to each community through photographic i8mages and historical sketches of people important to Warren County and its development.
Early Industries:  explore how agriculture, petroleum, tanning, and lumber contributed to the growth and prosperity of Warren County.
Seneca Nation of Indians:  Iroquois traditions and the lifestyles of the Cornplanter Seneca are presented through books, activities, and authentic objects.
Immigration:  using ethnic objects, craft ideas, and background information, imagine how newcomers to this country and our county found a better life.

Warren County Courthouse brochure
City of Bells - DeFrees Bells brochure

Struthers--Wetmore--Schimmelfeng House:  The headquarters of the Warren County Historical Society, built in the 1870's by Thomas Struthers as a wedding gift for his daughter.  Historical Society tour guides will lead students through skits to demonstrate how researching history is much like detective work.  the second floor of the home displays an 1850store and a Victorian ladies drawing room.  To schedule a tour call Michelle Gray at (814)723-1795.
Seldom Seen Tour: This is a complete tour of the house located at 210 Fourth Avenue, Warren. You will get to visit the nursery, the servants's quarters, the many locations of archives, image collection's archives and explore the basement.
Warren Historic District:  The tour begins at the Warren County Historical Society, 210 Fourth Avenue, and ends with the historic Warren County Courthouse.  Eighty-five percent of the structures located within the historic district are considered contributing. 
Wilder Museum:  located on Erie Avenue in Irvine, Pennsylvania.  The museum offers exhibits focusing on the Seneca Nation, the Victorian Era, local history, local industry, military actions and much more. 
To schedule a tour call Michelle Gray at (814)723-1795. Wilder Museum page

Classroom Visits
Contact the Warren County Historical Society with the topic of interest and area of study and we'll work together to come up with a visitation program.


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